Re: Michael Moore

Dude, Is Michael Moore proposing that we 1) remove Bush from the White House using Iraq as a reason, 2) get anyone in the White House, doesn't matter if it's Bush or not - to remove the American presence in Iraq ASAP, 3) join the American media by presenting only anti-war facts and ultimately put them in the White House, or 4) regardless of what happens with the White House, commit to the lesser of evils, ie. either finish as best as possible what we've started or pull out and leave a terrain worse off than when we got there? 'Cause no offense to him, but from where I'm sitting, it doesn't matter who's in the White House - they aren't going to just "pull out" of Iraq, though it's a great symbol for political rallying when disconnected from reality. And seeing how we are at war with a nation in the Middle East (right or wrong), the fact that we are rebuilding a nation (although arguably how well) and that we are only losing one person a day - makes it the best fought war, probably in human history.


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