hmmmm...i disagree

From "Seeing between the lines" by Stephen Lewis "For those moviegoers that are often frustrated by movies of books, a new train of thought may be in order. To get the most out of both respective works, one must expose themselves to the film first in order to avoid preoccupations or expectations that often penalize filmmakers for being creative with their source material. In the best of cases, people will enjoy the movie first, and then go onto read the novel and like it just as much or even more than the film; that doesn’t change their positive experience seeing the movie." Right about here, Marshall McLuhan might say, "The Medium is the Message," and Neil Postman might say, "The problem, in any case, does not reside in what people watch. The problem is in that we watch...." Somehow, I think Stephen Lewis' quote belies a particular claim about the status of movies in our culture that seems to become truer every day.


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