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"A troubling phenomenon recurs among young Christians reared in solid homes and sound churches. After living their early years as outstanding examples of Christian faith, many become spiritual dropouts. Did they fail because they concentrated on the exterior, visible Christian life? Did they learn to mimic certain behaviors, nuances of words, and emotional responses? Crayfish-like, did they develop a hard exterior that resembled everyone else's and conclude such was the kingdom of God, while inside they were weak and vulnerable? "When Christianity is an external exercise, it can be cast aside in the manner of a crayfish flinging off its shell. In fact, many crayfish perish from the molting ordeal, either because of exhaustion or because of their vulnerability to outside enemies. "An outside shell can seem attractive, trustworthy, and protective. It certainly has advantages over a dead, useless skeleton or over no skeleton at all. But God desires for us a more advanced skeleton that serves as it stays hidden." --Paul Brand, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made


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