so this is Easter....

john and kori outdid themselves yesterday, as usual. lamb, pork, chicken, cat, asparagus, potatoes, pak, chien, carrots...whoa, i'm full. i noticed something strange, too--that, though i was not interested in finding brightly colored eggs scattered about the house and yard, i was really interested in watching children hunting for easter eggs. strange. that dad thing must be kicking in. disappointingly, there was no egg hunting at yesterday's lunch. we did have a "top three desert island albums or musical artists" quiz. my wife picked thom yorke, bono, and emily sayers. i was dumbfounded--when did b get so musically hip?! i told her right then and there that i wanted her to have my children. it was a touching moment. sadly, The Final Martyrs is over. it was as good as billed and every story left shadows of the characters on the back of my eyelids. i'm on to The Handmaid's Tale by margaret atwood. so far so good, though i admit i have trouble with the "author of the moment." and with a movie of the book out there, literary awards, and a NYTimes bestseller rap sheet, it seems like atwood is that author. let's hope the hype is deserved. congrats to michael and sara on their new girl! they got an easter baby! if our baby had come on easter, i would have painted its head to look like a brightly colored egg. the hospital probably would have frowned on that one, so i guess i'm glad we still have a couple of days to go. our window is somewhere between the 13th (tuesday) and the 15th (thursday). as the average gestation for a first-time mother is 41 weeks, 3 days and not the 40 weeks popularly assigned to moms on their first OB exam, that means our real window is between the 23rd and the 25th. so even though we were hoping to closely follow the gallaughers, we're not holding our breath.


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