what i learned today

Entwicklungsmechanik. Say it five times really fast. This is my current area of study...which means i need to brush up on my german. sauerkraut. gasuntheit! wagon halt! achtung baby! other things i learned: our small group had its most significant conversation ever last night. i was there nigh until midnight. i had a chance to regale the folks with tales of the element/central vineyard headquarters power meetings, house church, accountability groups, bread and fish, and the nuances of GBC elementary, middle, and high school pedagogy. i didn't mention names. but it was one of those conversations that you feel is at the epicenter of something more significant and out of the ordinary than the context would lead you to believe. a cult perhaps? dutch reformed people are the least likely people on earth to start a cult. they burn witches in holland still, i've heard. oh wait. those aren't witches. they're big piles of ganja. and there you go folks--from early twentieth century german embryology to pop drug references in under 1000 words. red letter day.


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