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hi there! i've been at work so much lately that i haven't had time to blog (ironically). so i've had to get blog material from websites instead of books. i apologize, but hopefully it's still been appealing or at least provocative to read some of these quotes. btw, brad i like that perkins quote too! Here's one from a British mag called Third Way "Philip Parnham on Public Relations" Modern politicians in Britain and the US have long behaved as if the road to the end of the rainbow were paved with gold. Give individuals more spending power, reduce taxation, make the labour market more mobile and advance economic growth, and the result will be a collective rise in welfare, well-being or happiness. One can only imagine their surprise, therefore, when the prominent economist Richard Layard pointed out earlier this year that increased affluence in Britain and North America, measured by such things as better homes, more clothes and longer holidays, had failed to deliver the anticipated dividend. Quite the opposite, if surveys he quoted are to be believed. During three lectures at the London School of Economics he revealed, for example, that 29 per cent of women under 30 reported suffering problems with nerves or depression in 1990 compared to only 16 per cent in 1982. While marginal increases in affluence made little impact on the happiness of the comfortable, unemployment and poverty in the midst of affluence were the two surest indicators of unhappiness."


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