Seeing God in Time, God in Relationships

"... I work in a very long time frame. Rienhold Niebuhr once said, 'Nothing that is worth doing can be done in our lifetime.' And I.F. Stone said that if you can see the results of your work, you really have not asked big enough questions. If we're oging to get at the root causes, we really can't expect to see the new society ourselves. Given that time perspective, it frees us to avoid expediency and desperation - two things that are ultimately counterproductive." ~ Frances Moore Lappe This is a quote from an interview with Lappe in 1977. She is apparently known for her radical views about serving world hunger problems through vegetarianism. This quote is not necessarily about God, but it inspired me to think about the value of seeing God in time and God in relationships and the sense of longevity I get looking for Him there. Without using the same language, I sensed a similar direction in Lappe's quote. about Lappe: www.thesunmagazine.org/lappe.html


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