sorry to all just bust back into the blog scene with what is kinda a common and small query. Erin and are were just having a discussion about language and using cuss words. I feel like this is a weird issue for me because it also deals a little with being relevent in the world of non christians. I say like "ass" and sometimes i will refer to somthing i have done as "bichy" and occacionally i will say "shit" in instances of duress. I know christians who also say these and i dont really think much of it. I dont see them as offencive words in and of themselves. I do realize however that they are offencive to many christians. Erin thinks that they are and pointed out that she knows some non christians who dont swear as much as that because it is offencive to them. However, at times i feel like if i am constantly making a point with my words never to use those words then i am unneccearialy making myself seem like i dont want to even be enough a part of the culture of my non christian friends to even share their language. I wonder if it makes people think i am juding them, i am too good to understand them, ect.... However, if i am harming somthing else or offending christians i also need to reevaluate perhaps. I do not want to have two differeing sets of language around my christian and non christian friends to ensure that both will like me. What are your thoughts?


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