why i no see your posts?

bradfrd--I'm wondering if you've gotten a chance to actually "publish" the blog after you've entered it. maybe that's not safe. i dunno. all i do know is that i don't usually see your posts until the day after you've put them there. so sorry for having a delayed response, or none at all. sometimes i don't have time to blog; sometimes i do but think there's nothing there. and--in regards to our conversation last night--i almost feel like the blog is open-ended enough to have you be able to dump whatever you want. as more of an introvert, i usually find myself editing these things as i go along and feel badly if they're too long. i don't think you necessarily should feel that way. there's not a length-limit to these things. and i for one really enjoy hearing what you're doing and thinking about. BTW, thanks for calling to wish me an HBD!


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