I hereby declare this Neil Postman time on this blog

only Neil Postman related info until further notice :) To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. To a man with a pencil, everything looks like a list. To a man with a camera, everything looks like an image. To a man with a computer, everything looks like data. --Neil Postman, Technopoly Naturally, bureaucrats can be expected to embrace a technology that helps to create the illusion that decisions are not under their control. Because of its seeming intelligence and impartiality, a computer has an almost magical tendency to direct attention away from the people in charge of bureaucratic functions and toward itself, as if the computer were the true source of authority. A bureaucrat armed with a computer is the unacknowledged legislator of our age, and a terrible burden to bear. We cannot dismiss the possibility that, if Adolf Eichmann had been able to say that it was not he but a battery of computers that directed the Jews to the appropriate crematoria, he might never have been asked to answer for his actions. --Neil Postman, Technopoly An intelligence test is a tale told by an expert, signifying nothing. --Neil Postman, Technopoly


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