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This is from the work of Drusella Scott, who claims she was a close personal friend of Michael Polanyi. Polanyi, though not explicitly religious or Christian, did reaffirm the need for spiritual knowledge alongside of the quest for material/scientific knowledge. His opinion, to mimic the ancient Greeks, was: "...science without philosophy is blind." here's a good quote about him: "To account for discover as it actually happens, we hav eto allow there is another kind of knowledge besides the explicit, exact and testable kind; a sense by which we can be dimly aware of the direction in which we must seek for a solutionj, before we can formulate it. ... Polanyi calls it 'tacit knowing' and finds in it an essential element of his theory of knowledge. Instead of trying to ignore the swamp [analogy of subjective knowledge], he accepts it as if saying, 'all right, here is this swamp, it's no used building your steel and glass palace [explicit/scientific knowledge] above it and pretending its not there. Let us see how our knowledge grows out of the swamp. Its roots are down in the water but its stem and branches have emerged into the light, and can become a pursuit of universal standards, a knowledge of reality, a valid basis for science and other kinds of knowledge'. Traditional skills, intuitinons, scientific systems, poetic and religious insights and the understandiong of isolated and exaggerated as the one valid form of knowledge." --Drusilla Scott. Everyman Revived: the common sense of Michael Polanyi, 1985. pp. 46.


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