Quote - Human Nature?

People like to argue cultural relativism and use it for renewed reason to go out seeking it in all sorts of places... Ken Good lived with the Yanomomo tribes of western Brazil. He married a woman and had children. He then left and went to the United States to renew his passport or something and left his family with the tribe, whose customs were far different than the United States... "I felt the tension, and I tried to deal with it. I wanted to think that Yarima would be faithful to me. But I knew the limits of any woman's faithfulness here. Fidelity in Yanomami land is not considered a standard of any sort, let alone a moral principle. Here it is every man for himself. Stealing, rape, even killing - these acts aren't measured by some moral standard. They aren't thought of in terms of proper or improper social behavior. Here everyone does what he can and everyone defines his own rights. A man gets up and screams and berates someone for stealing plantains from his sectin of the garden, then he'll go and do exactly the same thing. I protect myself, you protect yourself. You try something and I catch you, I'll stop you." ~ Ken Good, 1991 "Into the Heart: One Man's pursuit of love and knowledge among the Yanomami" p116


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