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"A sense of 'taste' (as expressed by our stuff and how we exhibit it) may be the postmodern equivalent of skin color. Having the wealth to consume and display certain sorts of 'taste.' even a taste for packaged ethnic diversity, makes anyone acceptable. We live in a world of the film The Fifth Dimension, where a person of any skin color can be beautiful, powerful, and interesting--as long as he or she is dressed by the right designer. In the postmodern world, its is what's over the skin that counts--the surface and the image it sustains. the color of one's skin is less important than one's ability to manipulate what clothes that skin--even if it's next to nothing." --Becky Baer Porteous. "From Race to Taste: wealth and status in the postmodern world." In re:generation magazine, 9.1, Spring 2003. pp. 7-8.


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