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i wanna take a stick and hit the ol' hornets' nest again.... yay! stinging! excerpted from: http://www.internetmonk.com/conchris.html I'm not a conservative Christian by Michael Spencer "It is my conclusion that evangelicals have become pessimists, and are planning on spending the time between now and that fantasy called the rapture further ghettoizing themselves, head-wagging and hand-wringing over every hop, skip and jump of cultural decline, and taking a decreasing interest in anything beyond the weekly calendar at their local mega-church. They are far more worried about the twenty pounds they want to lose than starving children of suffering Christians in Sudan, and don't want to hear about it. They are continually shocked at the advancement of the homosexual agenda and other signs of cultural decline, but take comfort in knowing that things must get worse before the end arrives, so let's go to Starbucks. Evangelicals are living just this side of the Left Behind universe and find it all very exciting.... What does all this have to do with conservatism? Let me make an observation here. It will be blunt, and some of you may find it pious and preachy. If you wish, you may blame this one on my recent weekend with John Piper. How many conservative Christians are listening to multiple hours of Rush Limbaugh every week? I wonder how many include a couple of hours of Fox News Channel's conservatives, Hannity and O'Reilly, on that menu. I wonder how many regularly listen to Marlin Maddux's "Point of View" program, or Pat Robertson's "700 Club." How many surf Newsmax.com, Conservative News Network or WorldNet Daily.com, the tabloids of conservative web journalism? If we were to take the total hours devoted to these--and many, many other--conservative information and opinion outlets, how would it compare to the amount of time spent under the teaching of scripture? How would it compare to time spent in acquiring a Biblical vision of God? Does the total amount of time spent by that same random evangelical in "the renewing of the mind" with the Word of God come even close to the amount of time spent seeing the world through the eyes of conservative pundits and journalists? I note this not out of paranoid fantasy, but out of watching my friends immerse themselves in this new world of conservative media. Whether it is the Christian variety or the secular flavor, it doesn't matter. Millions who seldom open a Bible are spending hours under the "preaching" of the conservative political movement in America."


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