Roger's Strange Way in

Hi! That is a resounding hello to one and all, and as it seems I have missed a great deal I shall not try to comment on any of it. However, it seems you need a juvenile voice to make these pages more complete and representative of a true population...where not everyone is on par with the level of demi-god. Well I shall talk of me just because I am excited at what is happening and just how bizzarre a turn my life is taking. Not to keep you in suspense any longer...I have provisionally accepted a position working with a NPO utilizing sport ministry in the community, and especially with kids who are on the fringes of being kicked out of school. Pay is crap, but I am completely overjoyed by the prospects of working with the community, and the possibilities that exist both internationally and acafdemically; for I am certain I shall be compelled to write of my findings. So who is this person I have become? Bad pay...requires trust...charity work...socially disadvantaged youth...all my worst fears combined to create something that I cannot help but say thank you for. Brad...sport ministry...sport ministry with refuges....with disadvataged...with the church...with real people. Do you have any advice? How I wish we could tele-conference weekly. Erik...so many good things happening in your life...what are your thoughts on my venture into the unknown? Any other takers? Respond at your leisure...and in the meantime I shall review the bloggs. It took me so long to remember my password! I'm a bit scatty right now...caught up in excitement.


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