Some thoughts for the void

Hey all, Sorry I've been so "absent" in the last month or so. It's exciting all that has been talked about and all that you guys are doing. I'm tempted to feel very boring. I don't know when the next time I'll be able to sign on will be, though we're working on getting my comuter working from home, and if that gets going, it won't be very long. In the mean time, I'll throw a couple thoughts into the "void" and see if they ever landed sometime when I get back. Reading the Michael Moore quotes made me think how interesting it is that we are so "needy" to be liberal and conservative in politics (in general?) these days. I'm sure that's nothing new, but in a day and age when the lines between genders, sexualities, truth/falsities, first and second hand experiences, and reality and unreality are annihilated (all the personal areas from which we may have identity), is the impersonal, political sphere going to end up a sort of unrealistic "last bastion" for potential necessary distinctions in our identity? Where else could they turn? How far off the mark might it be to simply say that the postmodern condition is essentially post-personal and that's why we irrationally personalize everything...?


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