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went to see michael moore at wooster yesterday. very enlightening, although i'm positively against many of the things he says--or the way he conveys them--he had some great points. i'll see if i can quote them accurately (no recording devices were allowed so i just wrote them down). again, i'm not saying i agree, but uncle screwtape loves to draw dividing lines... Some Michael Moore quotes from the 10/29/03 Wooster Forum talk (in an absolutely packed Armington gym, for those who can envision it): "...our fellow Americans are liberal. Look at mainstream polling results...the majority of Americans are pro-choice, want stronger environmental laws, higher minimum wages, and women to be paid the same as men." "'Liberal leaders' is an oxymoron." "...I call them R. I. N. O.s 'Republicans In Name Only'...most people are Republicans because they don't want the government's hand in their wallet." "I believe we live in a country full of angry Americans...upset at what's going on. It encourages me that in 12 months we can remove George W. Bush from the White House." "I think the thing that connects us...conservative and liberal...is that we don't like being lied to."


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