so tired

it is now 4:30pm. i have been awake for 14 hours already today. i look bad. i probably smell bad. i'm not making much sense. yet my mind is very awake. at about 7am (when i posted that personal statement), i did a very rare thing--i actually looked at some of the other blogs being posted at that time. here are some results of that surfing: 1) most blogs appear to be run by teenage girls; 2) most blogs appear to be about the lives of these girls; 3) most of these girls talk mostly about their parents and friends; 4) many of them are worse spellers than anything i've ever encountered; 5) a fair number of them are from overseas...of course what can you expect at 7am EST, 4am PST, and 12noon GMT (England); 6) some of them are looking for love in all the wrong places; 7) the ones that find love seem to stop blogging; 8) the ones that continue to blog after finding love focus on their pets, their neighbors, their neighbors' pets; and their neighbors' love lives; 9) even teenage girls have a better handle than I do about how to make their blogs look really cool; 10) most blogs are about nothing important and symbolize the deluge of individualized, empty, virtually pointless chatter out there. does this count as something more substantial?


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