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If you're wondering about how popular/widespread blogs are, what they're used for, who does them, and what kind of info you can expect to find on one, read: http://www.perseusdevelopment.com/blogsurvey/ I was surprised to find that (according to this survey) the vast majority of blogs get abandoned after four months or so. "uncle screwtape" is now in it's ninth month of gestation. Thank you to brad, meesch, kelly, and roger for contributing their wise words to the blog. Thank you to Jeff Cannell for reading it and being the "Number One fan". If you are a regular reader (are there any people like that out there?!!?) and would like to contribute or have suggestions about how to improve and/or disimprove through random variations, please contact me or one of the brave few listed above. About "comments": I haven't enabled the "comments" feature...primarily because I don't want to pay anything for this blog and because i haven't the faintest clue on how to program something like that myself. I also don't want to give out any of our email addresses because (as the survey suggests) the vast majority of people on the internet are there to sell us something we don't need--up to, and including, horse porn. So, if you'd like to comment, you probably have to know one of us first. That separates the bad people :) So anyway, for what it's worth, glad you're here!


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