A Smattering

"does this count as something more substantial?" Yes. Quite. In person, via A.G. Bell's wonder, or blogging in cyberspace, this is one of the most intellectually stimulating circles of my life. Often I'm in WAY over my head, and that's actually kind of nice. It gives me something to press on toward in the realm of great thinking and dialogue. And I find your observations about blogs fascinating and somewhat distressing all at once. Dude, I need to read Annie Dillard. Fabulous images. She's come up in several recommendation circles in the last half year. Maybe Christmas break, since there's such limited leisure reading until then... Just a couple comments on the statement (after: PLEASE rest today!) =) What are the other factors ranking FSU as #1? And if you get there, would you definitely have the opportunity to work with Dr. Ruse? What makes him of such particular intrigue to you? 1. I like the creative entrance about your "life as archaeologist." What do you mean "I knew something was missing."? Is it worth a few more words to flesh it out? (i.e., "...missing underneath the practice [of archeology]".) Something like this, perhaps? BTW, if you leave it just as it is, that's still going to be okay. It's enough answered by the next paragraph. I'm just maybe wanting more linkage personally. 2. "I would find answers to current questions"--whose current questions?-- if yours specifically, use "my" to clarify. If societal/scientific more broadly--use "current academic (or) scientific questions." 3. I think it's probably fine that you list the profs' works among the book list. They've been part of your study. That's fair and valid, and obviously part of what has specified these questions for you. I love the questions--they are clear, focused, specific enough to make sense and yet wide enough that volumes could (or do?) address each one and it's related ideas. When you find out answers, I want to know what you discover. =) (I'm serious.) 4. On: "Future hope: Ultimately, Iíd like to teach and do research in a university, perhaps coupled with some public policy work (assuming question #5 has an answer). " #5 does have answers, especially the way you've asked it! Try: "...public policy work (assuming answers to question #5 lead this direction) or an assumtion more of this ilk. 5. "Though I have little prior philosophy training, my interests appear to align with those of the philosophy departmentís *** (take out the 's on department)*** and with Dr. Ruseís in particular. I have studied his work for the last couple of years and I would welcome the experience of academically apprenticing with him. On the whole, E, I think it sound really good. Nice work for 250 words, Bro!


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