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thank you ss for this post. and jc expands the 3 legs of guidance to five (i can't remember the clever alliteration, so i'm summing up what he said): (1) Scripture (2) Saints (3) Spirit (4) Circumstances (5) and Common Sense. That seems to correlate pretty well with what others have said, scripture seems to say, as well as the experience of the historical Church and my own brain. (Wait...didn't i just use those five things to decide that?) To help with this discussion, i've been reviewing two of the best and most-consulted of all my books: Following Jesus in the Real World by Richard Lamb and Bonhoeffer's The Cost of Discipleship. The first is an under-recognized book i received my senior year of college. The second is must reading for every believer. It's challenging, sure, but ranks up there with Lewis and Francis Schaeffer in terms of undergirding beliefs about how we work as the church. I'll post a quote from them later.


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