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The UK edition of Rennovation of the Heart, by Dallas Willard is one of those books that immediately strikes at the core of who I am; and more poignantly, at the degree of my selfishness. 'I'm not okay and you're not okay. We're is serious trouble,' says it all. Willard writes at a depth and pace I find hard to keep up with. Indeed I am led to think back to my initial reading of Mere Christianity, or indeed my failed attempt at reading The Cost of Discipleship; and as I cast my eyes over the words and try to conceptualise what is being conveyed...I find myself unable to flick the pages without completely re-reading the page in its entirity. Does anyone else suffer from such intellectual frustration? It jabs me because I recently finished a Yancey book in record time, and feel I grasped the essential points. In the case of Willard, I feel as if I am dealing with an intellect that my mind cannot contend with in real time. For that reason I am thankful for the printed word. How great must our God be!? "God being God offends human pride. If God is running hte whole universe and has first claim on our lives, guess who isn't running the universe and does not get to have things as they please?" - Augustine.


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