welcome to the cruel world

her name is Greta Lynn Peterson, but we like to call her "Gertie". we were trying to be the antithesis of trendy when we named her, but apparently there was some degree of controversy that there was another Greta at the hospital at the same time. so maybe it will be this year's "hot name" or something. who cares. i just like that it's easy to spell and sounds something like the ggrrtsaap noises she's already making. she was born at 5:15pm Tuesday, April 27th. she weighed 8 lbs., 9oz. and was 20.5 inches long. in non-hospital-speak, that means she was a cannonball. she isn't very chunky--mostly muscle. she can already lift up her head enough to knock me in the jaw and then look around the room a little. her favorite pose is the "touchdown" pose: arms straight up in the air as if she were a referee at an OSU game. mr. neds-fox has set us up the bomb photo page and when i have a little more time near a wireless connection, i'll begin to shrink some of these photos and get them online for yous peoples. thank you for all of your prayers. b is doing well, but sore. she went completely without pain medication even though she was induced. labor was nine hours of dang hard work with the "contraction-o-meter" going off the top of the pain scale. but she made it without shrieking or putting me in the chokehold and threatening to kill me. now if we could only figure out how to get her to sleep for more than an hour a night....


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