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You might recall my earlier rant about Steven Johnson's book Everything Bad is Good for You. I guess it wasn't a rant, exactly...perhaps incredulousness might be a better term for it. Anyway, the book/author was featured on Terri Gross' "Fresh Air" a couple weeks ago. And in her typical fashion, she ended up not really saying many negative things about it. So I thought I should give it a read. But given my current reading list, I suspect I'll never get around to it. My partner in reading crime, Dr. Joshua Neds-Fox, decided to tackle it himself. Thank you for doing that for me, my friend. Interestingly enough, I began yet another eugenics-oriented book a few months ago that specifically focused on the Church's complicity with the eugenics movement. It was a good book, though I didn't get very far. The author of that book is also an editor at one of my favorite publications, a very, very good journal (only quasi-academic one, before you get scared off) called The New Atlantis. For the current issue, the author of that eugenics book, Christine Rosen, has written an article about--guess what--Steven Johnson's book about videogames and TV. The wonderful wagon of reading just keeps on rolling.


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