Friday After Thanksgiving

I think this must be the only truly free day during the year. There's no religious or quasi-religious significance to ruin by over-commercialization. There's no (important) cultural activities, though avid shoppers would disagree. You get to recover from a food coma, escape extended family responsibilities (maybe) and revel in the fact that it's the beginning of holiday hoopla. Day After New Years is the evil opposite of Friday After Thanksgiving. Day After New Years is the end of the holiday season and the beginning of months of grey, snow (if you're lucky), and work work work. That's why vacation season should actually be placed in January. That way you can extend your holiday season during the part of the year when you need it most. But all of that is over a month away. Now it's time to sit back, relax, and begin thinking about (and dreading) those end-of-term papers that have been hanging over my head all month. Great. I just killed my beginning of holiday season buzz. Stupid academic calendar.


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