say it ain't so, joe

so i was at the history of science society conference in minneapolis this past weekend. all that stuff i wrote in the last post... ...yeah, it's sort of true. I was flabbergasted at how little good "scholars" paid attention to how they were "teaching." Now granted they were speaking to peers and therefore didn't need to dumb down anything. But when you're talking about minute events that happened long ago and don't seem to have relevance to anything else, I'm not sure why you can't at least make the talk interesting. However, there was some tremendously good stuff too. Ultimately, however, this weekend reaffirmed my commitment to teach the under-exposed and the I'm-only-here-because-its-a-requirement. Granted after doing that for a few years I might become embittered. But right now I'm still starry-eyed.


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