my sucky weekend

First I chip a tooth by biting down on a fork really hard--you know, like any moron would. I hate my teeth. They're so jacked up. When I was 11, I had to get a skin graph to keep my bottom teeth from falling out--that's the scary greying thing on my bottom gum. Ugh. How can I not be totally embarrassed by my teeth? Next, squirrels busted into our house through a hole in the exterior wall that they must have been chewing on for quite some time now. They were scurrying around on our ceiling tiles. You can probably predict what I found when I got up there. Now we have plastic wrap and duct tape holding the ceiling together. Well. At least there's the Gert. I wonder how she likes having a moron for a father.


Anonymous kelly said...

once i broke out big parts of my front teeth on the toilet.

we must be friends.

3/26/2006 11:38 PM  
Blogger John McCollum said...

At least you don't have squirrels in your teeth anymore.

3/27/2006 8:56 AM  

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