well, we finally made it. or it made us, i'm not sure. in retrospect, driving to chicago, flying to LA, driving to SF and back to LA, flying back to Chicago and driving back to SB from Chicago was probably too much traveling for a toddler and a preggers wife. we're tired. there are bills piled up, etc. but its great to be home. and then we get an email that friends of ours from church have a very, very sick little boy and that he's back in the hospital getting surgery again. so question--is it bad form to name your child the same name as a very, very sick child? (not exactly the same name, of course, but the same first name.) what if he dies? what if it looks like he's going to die but instead miraculously recovers at the last minute? will everyone who knows miraculously-recovered boy think immediately of him when your child's name is called? is that just a major social faux paux, either in regards to your child or the other boy's parents? help me out here, people.


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