Again: Pro or Con?

Here is some more food for the thought. Again, I can see value in the statement, but inherently it seems to communicate more than the value of the statement and almost condone an unhealthy separation. This is from a book called "The Craft of Research" by Wayne Booth. It is great for thinking about organizing thoughts and doing research. "Most research projects in the humanities and many in the natural and social sciences have no direct application to daily life. In fact, as the word 'pure' suggests, researchers value pure research more highly than they do applied [research]. (Pure research is abstract, but spurs on more research, whereas applied research is practical). They believe that the pursuit of knowledge 'for its own sake' reflects humanity's higest calling - to know more and understand better, not for the sake of money or power, but for the good that understanding itself brings." p67 What is this saying about knowledge? What is this saying about knowledge in relation to God? What is this then saying about God? And what is this saying about the existence of a "right" disconnect between thinking and living? What does that mean for Christians in the fields of knowledge gathering? What is a more proper attitude toward knowledge? How does that affect our thinking and living?


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