Wittgentsein Ale

Dude, Roger, that is hilarious! We'll have to share some stories over one when you get into the Chicago area. Though, let me tell you what that would mean: If Wittgenstein were an ale, he would say that beer has a taste, but that neither you nor I can honestly taste it, though we can get closer and closer to the fine taste, but then we can't talk to each other about it. So, instead of actually sharing a great Wittgenstein Ale, he would say we should rather discuss and untangle the confusing ways the beer is made since really, we have such differing ideas about the process of its becoming ale that we can't relate over what it is we are trying to drink. Then, he would change his mind and say we should actually stop talking about how beer is made because we are actually too infected in our minds about what beer is through advertising to really look clearly at the process of beer's becoming beer. So, we should actually debate beer advertising and which ones we think best portray beer as it should be portrayed. And that if we can come together over a growing understanding of how beer is portrayed, then that is about the closest we can get to "really" sharing a Wittgenstein Ale. Still want to share one?


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