An Edict, Attempting to Imitate and Emulate the Erik Ease of Evaluation

I don't know what that means, but I'm going to post questions I have, somewhat like the questions you posed about 200 blogs ago and I liked the way this sounded when it came out. :) Ready? Go. Community development, what is it really? What difference does it make whether community is developed by civil institutions or the Church? Does the one inherently oppose the other and/ or do they implicitly instruct out of their nature about God? What do they teach? How important is dual attention in community development between the people who make up the community and the larger culture and its legislation in which they are given space? What can a balance of that attention look like? What is the role of culture in community? What is the difference between "counter-cuture" and "cultural engagement"? What is the difference between wholistic redemption or the dialectic as tools for analysis? How are these tools more or less rooted in God or mankind as points of reference for worldviews? Can you use both tools and arrive at the same assessment generally? Why? How should each be used? Is Community Development a recent term? What is its historical equivalent? If it is a recent term, why has it suddenly appeared and become important? As a term only, is it instructive of cutlure? Is it blinding to culture? Is it only good for use in today's day and age? Should it be sacrificed for a more universal term? Of what significance is the separation of church and state in community development? What kind of research is being done in this area? What is the value of current "faith-based initiatives?" What is the current "conversation" they are having? How do I get in? What relationship or effect will faith-based initiatives bear on welfare as a whole? What similarities are there between faith-based initiatives and communitarianism? Is it simply religious and arreligious community-oriented thinking? How would I fill in the blanks: I want to study _____ because I want to find out _____ so that _____ . How could any of this be important to people like my parents or E and Brooke's parents or my fraternity friends or anyone content to flow?


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