delinquent blogger!

dudes.... high school reunion, busy work, lots of storms, then getting stomach flu. not good for blogging. I have been working on a paper I wrote about 5 years ago for an evolutionary theory class in grad school. it feels good to engage my brain that way. but just like when you exercise after a long absence, i am sore from all the theoretical gymnastics. anyway, most of that stuff that i've been reading is so boring for someone who is not interested in it. i didn't think it was worth posting, even if i'd had the time to blog. I've also been reading a somewhat related book by a prof at Calvin named Del Ratsche. He writes a lot of stuff on the history and philosophy of science from a Christian perspective. good stuff! the book i'm reading of his right now is Nature, Design, and Science. It's pretty good so far--but VERY abstract. He writes something like a post-modern American version of C. S. Lewis--which of course means that he sounds nothing like Lewis. But he's still fun to read because he's a clever writer and makes funny comparisons even when talking about huge, philosophical, hard-to-understand topics. anyway... i'll have a quote tomorrow (maybe?!!?)


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