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I wonder if agnostics are really just theists in denial? I was just thinking about a conversation recently with a friend and I asked him how his relationship with God was these days. He responded, "I consider myself an agnostic with theistic leanings." Now, I think about his breakdown of agnosticism and I wonder if there is any other kind of agnosticism? And following that, I wonder how much of the Christian life is spent saying, "I don't know the answer, but I know God..."? And yet the intention of this second statement is so wholly different... So what was my friend really saying? I wonder how much of our life we live on the basis of what we can consider a "reasonable doubt"? When I worked in Chattanooga with Hispanic immigrants, I sat in a meeting with about twenty guys and translated an employment interview en masse with their employer. I am firmly convinced now (as I was then) that many of the guys in the room were lying in their responses. I found myself caught in a dangerous ethical dilemma. So, in that case (the first time I'd encountered it), I took this employer out to lunch the next day and explained in general terms with no names mentioned, that I had strong enough reasons to believe that some of the people in that room had in fact lied. And his response became a predictable one as I continued to work in that field of ministry: They actually wanted illegal immigrants of a grey category who presented a reasonable enough doubt for the company to hire them. What the hell does that mean? "Reasonable doubt"... doesn't that make them illegal employers in denial? They had no interest in the truth, but rather sought only the justification to live outside of it. Now, illegal immigration is one issue in which to discuss reasonable doubts and I believe it to be more complex than this simple example. But the bottom line in terms of civil justice IS just that simple. And how simple is it when we stand in front of God? Are we taking the calculated risks we need to make to grow our faith in an unpredicatable world with an infinite-personal God? Or are we seeking to lose ourselves in a sea of reasonable doubt? I hate to think honestly of how I must answer...


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