On Prayer

Been reading from a book called "The Kneeling Christian" this morning. Here's some excerpts from the chapter on prayer: "When you begin to pray, use such expressions of the attributes of God as will make you sensible of His greatness and power." ~ Old William Law "Prayer is nothing else than a sense of God's presence." ~ Brother Lawerance "It is good o be conscious that we are always in the presence of God. It is better to gaze upon Him in adoration. But it is best of all to commune with Him as a Friend - that is prayer." ~ unknown "We get to know people by talking with them. We get to know God in like manner. The highest result of prayer is not deliverance from evil, or the securing of some coveted thing, but knowledge of God." ~ unknown "Prayer is the moment when heaven and earth kiss each other." ~ a Jewish mystic "Prayer does not change God's purpose, it releases His power." ~ unknown


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