I like Emile

I'm at the library in Fremont right now... fascinating. They have this lab with lots of computers for the public. On the computer next to me, a high school girl is typing out a poem (with all the flowers and graphics that come wtih Word) entitled, "I Need You Now". On the computer in front of me, there is a high school boy, decked out in all the fashionable grunge-wear. He's looking at a website called, "Bois", where other kids his age seem to be posting homosexual advertisements. He keeps looking over his shoulders both ways, aboute every three minutes, and it's making me nervous. And I'm sitting here with no filter whatsoever, saying way more than necessary about what I think of culture, and mostly making tangents instead of addressing anyone else's thoughts or the original thing I posted with interest to critique. Oh, and I wanted to say, I like Emile Durkheim. Rock on that you brought him into the discussion, E. :)


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