Bradley Who?

I started reading the last blogg wandering how Brad fit into the storyline, and certainly considered Bradley to be an endearing term for our good friend Brad. I havenever inmy life heard of a pre-natal class being named after a guy named Bradley. Sure, call it 'project Storm' or 'Expectants'....but Bradley? When I think of Bradley I think of a pipe-wielding, God-fearing, people-loving kind of guy. I don't think of male-bashing, emotion-touting, baby-blubbering parental class...if indeed that is what Bradley stands for. In fact, there was a movie about a Boy made in the 80's who was in fact a robot...but who looked like a boy (not the AI boy!)...and that movie could have been called Bradley....but a ... Sometimes I wonder whether the UK shall progress immensely if we ever cut off our ties with an American society that names classes after a guy named Bradley. Something akin to the regression experienced after the collapse of the Roman empire is occuring on these fair shores, and it is no coincidence that our youth are watching American TV and eating American food. Perhaps we all need to venture back to the lifestyle of the Pioneers on the 1800's - get ourselves a true vocation and a work-ethic, and start afresh in the knowledge that if momma says 'too much candy is bad for you' then momma is right and you shouldn't indulge yourself so glutonously. Incidentally, what are your thoughts on President James Garfield? Im reading a good book written about his early years. Written in the early 20th century it depicts a literary tract that is more CHaracter-focussed than it is 'possession orientated'. Where has all the character gone? Enough Rambling. I look forward to hearing more about Bradley.


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