if you're fed up with philosophy of science stuff,

this is still a great article. I feel the same way. Here's a quote that really sums it up: "The study of nature will lead us to love and reverence God. The plants and animals are presents which our Heavenly Father has given to us. It is therefore proper that we should examine them and study them. We see then, that He who made them must be wiser and more powerful than the greatest of men... "Did the great Being who created such a profusion of wonderful and beautiful objects, and who also gave to His children eyes to see, hearts to love, and understandings, intend that they should pass them by with neglect? No, it is your duty, as it is your pleasure, to search into the wonders of created nature, to exercise your mental faculties, and to animate your feelings in thinking much upon the wondrous works of God." --Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps. Mrs. Lincoln's Lectures on Botany (1833).


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