My Dear Mogslopper,

Perhaps now is the right time to address the topic of Rebellion. Rebellion is the doctrine all of our other policies hang upon. As a Value in its own right, Rebellion is a historical reality practiced in its original, unregulated form by Our Father Below since the Beginning. It is also a potentiality, though not an indelible eventuality, of every human. Our major tactic in the battle for each individual human snack...er...soul is a delicate craft of gradual and terrible rebellion against its Maker through subtle, almost imperceptible turns away from Light and toward Self. We know, though we should never share it with the bipedal rats, that--though they think they are becoming free by building a shrine of Self with their every breath--a life spent in service to, and protection of, the Self becomes a life in Rebellion against our mutual Enemy and another small appetizer to gnaw on down here. With your patient, you want him to utilize Rebellion as much as possible. Make him think that he is being a Free Thinker or a Skeptic or a Cynic or one of the other terms they adore; all the while, draw him deeper into a dogmatic sense that he is responsible to no one other than himself. He will be completely enslaved to your desires but will be completely convinced that he is no one's servant. He will be partially right--in order to be a servant, the Enemy requires that you actively (and stupidly if you ask me) give up this sense of Self in order to attend to the needs of others. But what your patient never realizes is that he still perpetually bows to those that surreptitiously program him: the constant drones of advertisers and television, the successful and rich, the temporary and material that he walks through obliviously in the way a fish swims in water without knowing it is wet. But Rebellion can be used for our Enemy's purposes as well, mind you. Oh, not the Rebellion we are teaching him. Rebellion for Rebellion's sake is the Devil's invention. Rebellion against our ploys and agency, standing for some Value of the Enemy's come what may--these are the things we want by all means to avoid him clinging to as a drowning rodent clings to driftwood. If he is battered about by well-seeming men and women begging for him to concede, to throw down his damned Values, to stop questioning the obviousness of the World, and still holds onto some insipid Heavenly Ideal of peace or justice or true brotherhood or saintliness--or even that there are better things to do with one's Hard Earned Money then spend them on oneself--then, Mogslopper, be aware that he is very near to the Enemy's camp indeed. Thankfully, however, your man is an American. These cretins, though rock-solid in some areas of Faith and Virtue, are absolutely deplorable (thank Hell!) in matters where money and Self-preservation are concerned--The American Dream and all that lovely rubbish we've cooked up. They've made a god of Insurance, and a wealthy one at that, which means the majority of them are fully prepped for an unexamined life of Self based on Rebellion against our Enemy who desires far too much of them to be involved in His Schemes. He naively assumes that the maddened promptings of His Prophets are persuasive enough to turn them toward Him in Devotion--even in the face of the trappings we've carefully arranged all about them day by day. We know better. Keep that in mind. Fondly, Your Uncle


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