for roger (who is not alone)

Artist: David Wilcox Song Title: If It Wasn't for the Night Album: Into the Mystery [Buy " Into the Mystery " CD] "If it wasn't for the night So cold this time of year The stars would never shine so bright So beautiful and clear I have walked this road alone My thin coat against the chill When the light in me was gone And my winter house was stilled When I grieved for all I'd made Out of all I had to give On the eve of Christmas day With no reason left to live Even then somehow in the bitter wind and cold Impossibly strong I know Even then a bloom as tender as a rose Was breaking through the snow In the dark night of the soul In the dark night of the soul If it wasn't for the babe Lying helpless on the straw There would be no Christmas day And the night would just go on When it seem that death has won Buried deep beneath the snow Where the summer leaves have gone The seed of hope will grow."


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