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[dare i mention the bailey's on the rocks i'm enjoying here at work? nah....] As is the wont of all sentimental saps like myself, here we are at the threshold of another year and I should give thanks for stuff. My memories tend to get a bit hazy when looking over the whole year like this. So if you and I shared a memory together or something to be thankful for that I neglect to mention, please post a comment. In 2003: We found out we had a wee one on the way. I guess all the sterility jokes we Wooster Rugby players used to make were based on myths after all. ... Bread & Fish ended at its peak and yet from its ashes God has blessed us with a community of brave and probably somewhat deluded souls, many of whom already had a past with B and I to some extent--who despite reason choose to show up Sunday after Sunday. Though I probably don't tell them this enough, Joshua, Jeff, Mike, and palmer were instrumental seed-planters for this thing. ... Element was financially better off than ever before, in part because of the addition of Luke. As always, John worked, played, and prayed harder than the rest of us put together. Whether at home, work, GBC, or Asia's Hope, he continues to blaze ahead like a ship constantly at full sail. ... Predator extrordinare--Seamus--survived getting hit by a car and is now a much more willing (or at least stationary) member of the Chateau de Peterson. ... Brdfrd was smitten by a woman. Or at least by Trinity. ... B and I passed four years of marriage and still find something new to love about each other each day. We are deep into the second book of the Hitchhiker's Guide Trilogy and want to finish it before the baby barges in. ... I received UGG slipper-shoes from my sis for Christmas and can now enjoy walking to work in relative comfort. ... My three favorite women in the world (B, Mom, Erin) have become closer throughout the year--truly making this family thing work. ... I managed to brave the application process and put in my apps for three doctoral programs in History/Philosophy of Science. ... Uncle Screwtape's beleaguered blog has managed to chug along for almost a year now. ... I managed to get through a book-a-fortnight for almost the whole year. Good stuff! Happy New Orbit-Around-Sun!


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