Indirectly Fatal

I write at this time, perturbed by the fact that I have an inability to process constructive criticism in a way that does not cause a part of me to scream. How does one respond to any form of criticism in a way that solely addresses the issue concerned without throwing part of the soul into rebellion. For a short time I thought that my inability to view the issue through an objective lens was, in part, due to my lack of maturity or understanding. I remained there for a long time, carefully documenting the issues that were raised by various people (usually women in authority). However, I am now at a point where I recognise a serious character flaw, and know that it must be dealt with. I cannot forever be entangled in the web of selfishness that takes every comment, aimed at building me up, and spins it into a personal attack on my integrity or ability. Yet, there are so few people around to show me any different. Part of my disdain for receiving criticism from women stems from the fact that I am so pissed off that men have never called me out...and so in line with a popular song of the late 90's...I discover with great ghusto that 'the female of the species is more deadly than the male' (Catatonia?). How I wish it to be different.


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