my answer is...

...i don't know. good discussion about maximum numbers of books to own. i think the sad part for me is that i will always attempt to fill existing bookshelf space and therefore the maximum is based upon a collection-quotient rather than a realistic number of books i hope to read in a lifetime. our current house has room for 8-12 books in each of the 18 bookshelf sections on the first floor (alongside the fireplace) plus the two bookshelves on the second floor--the academic/books too expensive to throw away shelves (25 books on 5 shelves) and the must-have-nearby-bed-for-emergency-reading bookcase (12-15 books on 5 shelves). what does that total? a problem. is there a bookaholics anonymous? why can't they make books thinner or smaller or lighter or something? moving this load is going to suck. btw, jnf was right: khaan!


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