Not to beat the same dead horse but, since we're talking about the problems of wealth and greed and the Christian responsibility, why don't we ask that in context of the Friends problem. In other words, why do we not make decisions about finances with other people? Why do we spend money, watch TV, eat, go about our mundane lives in isolated individualism? I think that underlying dislike or distrust of Christian community a la the early Church makes it easier for us to value materials rather than people. What do we do to counter this? Fear and trembling to what end?


Blogger Karen said...

specifically relating to spending money...how would you propose we would go about making financial decisions with other people?

5/12/2004 8:49 PM  
Blogger Joshua said...

i can think of communal monetary decisions that make kingdom sense... like shared living space, purchasing houses that make guests or even housemates possible, and maybe doing so as a community, or purchasing a house with other members of your community and sharing it (economical, too!). or how about praying and then investing money as a community into a particular life or lives, or into a shared effort that meets needs. i could even see the community tv thing: encouraging each other to lay off "friends," or even meeting together to watch it and then discuss good and bad.

anyway, i'm just rambling, thinking out loud online, maybe not a good idea...

5/13/2004 8:40 AM  
Blogger e said...

Those suggestions make sense to me. We've been hugely blessed on Sundays by allowing, forcing even, our fellowship to give input on decisions from house buying and selling to bringing food every week. We're seeing people use gifts that are free (servanthood) and ones that cost money. I'm not advocating communism, just thinking of others even when thinking of ourselves.
How does this work in your life?

5/13/2004 11:47 AM  

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