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over at ebpeterson.com. Highlights include: 1) the mystery of the dark hair solved! 2) wet and wild! 3) dad caught smiling on film! 4) relatives! 5) full frontal nudity! 6) disconcertingly tired faces! 7) and much, much more!


Blogger Karen said...

Hey Eric...i'm a friend of Zena and Josh (i think we've met on several of their moves). just wanted to say congratulations on Greta. she is so cute, and the pictures are great! my son simon is 4 now, but when he was born he had tons of black hair that all eventually fell out and was replaced with blond. so don't be surprised...:)
I also wanted to comment on how strange it is that you named her Greta! we had picked that out for our girl name when we were pregnant with Simon, and now that i'm pregnant again plan on using it if we have a girl. so strange...i hope this isn't some sort of trend, but rather a fluke of great minds thinking alike. hmmm...:) anyways, congrats, and it's a great name!
good luck with new parenting! -Karen James

5/11/2004 5:58 PM  
Blogger e said...

Thanks, Karen!
We picked "Greta" for various reasons--it passes my rigorous/anal "sounds okay" linguistic test, it was the least offensive traditional Scandinavian name we could find, it didn't end with a sylable that would sound weird with our long last name, it wasn't on any of the trendy name lists (at the time), it's easy to spell, it has no offensive middle-school nicknames that we could think of, and could be easily converted to "Gertie", "Gert", "Gret", "G" and various other fun-to-say names.

I hope it doesn't spoil your naming fun! I hated the whole naming process, but I'm really liking Greta's name the more we get to know her. I'm sure she won't mind sharing...especially since she'll be a Hoosier soon (gak!!!)

5/12/2004 8:39 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

it certainly doesn't spoil my fun...esp since you guys are moving to Indiana (which, congrats on by the way...but sorry that you have to move there. i lived there for a summer. blech. Ft. Wayne area)! but even if you were staying here. the other part i didn't mention was that Chelsea and Chris Kay had totally come up with it on THEIR own too -they didn't know our plans. that's why i wonder if it's going to start getting popular. but they just found out they are having a boy...so no Greta for them. Yeah, it's really the only girl name that i'm into...so there will be no switching for me. i'm happy to share it! :)

5/12/2004 11:43 AM  

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