-Quick Reentry

Congratulations, Dear E & B on G! The beginning pix are wonderful! All of that beauty and intelligence now in the genes of this little miracle...what a wonder to God's Kingdom may she be like her mom and dad.... And, as a quick re-engagement with the blogging cycle: Friendship and community require intentional work when you're just about anywhere post- or outside of an on-campus undergraduate dorm... That means, just like SO much of our life of following Jesus, that our desires and our actions aren't always in conjunction as they should be. We long for deep fellowship, but that requires deep sharing, vulnerability and choosing to spend time or money investing in relationships and prioritizing community life over individual life. From working on teams of leaders, one of the most significant principles that I've learned is that partnership(s) take more time, but are profoundly better than isolation. But, because it's easier....me, myself and I seem to win out as a default mode. More on this later, as I'm off to be in community for worship this evening and keep pursuing the richer alternative!


Blogger e said...

thank you for the wise and honest insight. i miss having you here, but wouldn't want you to trade electronic community for the real thing.

5/17/2004 9:14 AM  

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