Shaking off intellectual sleepiness

Oh so much blogger-food to choose from. Every time I read I am reminded that the deep recessing functions of my mind go to soft flab too quickly when failing to be properly and routinely exercised with vigor. And this I say still from graduate school... For a short first crack at several things I'd like to spin some yarn on: What is knowledge when it is not rooted in Jehovah, God? It seems like a place to explore within are the philosophers who turn over epistemology--for their pattern of pursuit of knowledge, let alone their discussions of it, would seem to often desire to leave Jehovah far from the source or root of knowledge, yes? Perhaps knowledge is as one of my undergrads was told in a class last week by a physics prof: knowledge, like the rest of the meaning and purpose of life, is no more than a mathematical formula that proves the Universe simply determines our course and uses us as dots along the path to fulfilling its "ultimate purpose"--that purpose being, of course, entirely unknown or unknowable. In worst form I think knowledge apart from a root in the All-Knowing Jehovah is mere information that self-bound humans gather, manipulate and consume, usually in order to gain power, control, sense and perhaps position ahead of or above other humans. It can be a sort of self-glorying. However, in best form I would think knowledge becomes a window into the true nature of reality, an understanding of the right functions and intentions of how people are designed, what the rules of the universe are and do, and an enticing hook that might lead one to seek if knowledge is in fact an end in itself, or if it is just a servant of a much greater Master, such as One who creates what we only discover or learn...and may be one of the tools in the hands of the Holy Spirit to winsomely captivate those who must (rightly) believe God to be more than simple imagination or a cognitive glich.


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