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My thoughts this day rest with business, and the nature of personal business that takes place in the school or work place. I tread on virgin ground in terms of the scheme of my life because I am having to make judgements and decisions based upon potentially unstable information. I shall inform you further. The school I presently work at has me in a situation whereby they pay me a daily rate (x), and they pay a temp agency specialising in education (x + 35). The place I stand is good for the present, and yet not secure for the future. The school is offering me a contract, while trying to sidestep the FEE that the agency will apply for such an action. However, they are also asking me to dissociate myself from the company in a discreet fashion so that they can hire me on contract from September. In short, they are looking out for their best interests in terms of BUSINESS. The dilemna for me is that the school's best interests are not necessarily in my best interests. However, I then find myself asking whether I am trusting God enough with this decision. I know he shall provide, and yet I am still doubting where the funds will come from, and how I shall best whether the process of business. At what point do my best interests begin? At what point do I stand as a businessman, looking out for myself? How do I do that with integrity, trusting God whole heartedly? Can I put a business hat on...and in so doing, take off the Christian one? IN politics and business, where do I stand as a Christian man looking out for my livlihood? HOw do I go forth with integrity when the system around me looks for short cuts and cheap deals? Even the school is a consumer market. Comments please.


Blogger John McCollum said...

"The dilemma is for me that the school's best inerests are not necessarily in my best interests"

An employer's interests are rarely in your best interest. That's the point of negotiation. Pay as little as you can to get as much as you can.

Seems to me that your biggest dilemma is actually trying to figure out at what point you become complicit with their deception, if they're trying to 'discreetly' hire you away from another agency. It seems that they are breaking the spirit, if not the letter of the agreement. And if you comply, you could very well be taking part in the deception.

I'd watch out. And I'd take this opportunity to mention to them that you are concerned about the ethical ramifications, and that you would be willing to proceed only if they can assure you that they are honoring their agreement with the temp agency in the process.

They may realize from the very start that you are a man of integrity, and that you will not be made to compromise. Which could be good OR bad for you from an employment standpoint. But, remember the example of Joseph in Potipher's house.

It's a tough one. I face this type of dilemma often.

I'll pray for you.

6/07/2004 3:24 PM  
Blogger Roja said...

You are completely in tune with my thought patterns, and I shall tread ever so carefully in this matter. I cannot help but think the Lord is teaching me something through this process.

By the way, I got to pray with a guy last night to recieve Christ. He is mixed up in Booze and Heroin, and today he is turning himself to the Police. Pray that Ian knows the fullness of his salvation. I was leading worship at a Night Shelter, and the night was so very much meant for him. I am blown away by the way God isactively shaping my life. Astounded is a fitting term for my present state.

6/08/2004 8:58 AM  
Blogger brad said...

Roger, Wow!

I gotta throw in my initial agreement with you both. Commitments are tri-normous as a Christian (to God, others, and ourselves!) and it sounds like some have already been made in your getting to where you are. Honor your commitments, man. And they'll be forced to analyze their honoring of commitments too. In fact, part of God's ministry in placing you where you are may be beginning in this very place of decision.

That's awesome to hear also that you're leading worship at a shelter. How does that work?

6/09/2004 4:41 PM  
Blogger brad said...

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6/09/2004 4:41 PM  

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