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Since I'm on the Blog, i have to post something... I've been looking online at phd programs all afternoon. My advisor recommended I do so in registering for my Fall classes at Trinity this next semester. And, whoa. I'm overwhelmed. E, I feel you, dawg. It is a mindjob trying to consider all that "is" a phd and even moreso to place yourself in it. Lisa said it well, "Don't forget that academia is a calling." I looked specifically at the Sociology Department at Notre Dame, a complementary Masters of Arts in Mediation (or Conflict Resolution) at Marquette in Milwaukee, and the Social Service Administration Department at University of Chicago. And it's amazing how much self-doubt I feel right now. At the moment, I can't even answer the question, "Why" I would get a phd. Let alone consider how I would get accepted or cover the costs once I did. Most of the phd programs have a required year of academic residency and an additinal year of scholastic development tacked on to the program studies themselves. Dude... I suddenly feel like I know how to pray more specifically for E.


Blogger John McCollum said...

Why indeed.

5/26/2004 6:00 PM  
Blogger e said...

john's comment notwithstanding, a ph.d. is a calling and yet, as be reminds me, is a journey unto itself to be understood as its own thing. in other words, just getting a job afterwards shouldn't be the primary reason to get a ph.d., although it should be one important reason.

notre dame fully funds everyone who it accepts. i'm almost positive that goes for the sociology dept. as well as hps/philosophy/history. dave, the guy who will be living with us next year, is going into the sociology dept at ND this year and is carrying almost as large a stipend as i am even though he doesn't already have a masters', so that's good news on the finances front.

i heard a thing on World Vision's work in Haiti this morning on NPR. i could see you riding your Ph.D. right into a broad-scope vision place like that.
just a thought.

5/27/2004 10:08 AM  

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