Storm Clouds

There are times in my life that I know I am upset by something, or more realistically, somebody. I live with a couple who have, on a number of occasions, suggested that I am messy, and that I need to take more responsibility for communal areas. You might say, 'Well Roger, there is perhaps some truth there,' and I might have a think and then retort, 'if what they say is true, I shall rectify the situation and be sure to clean up after myself.' A reasonable reply. Yet, each and every time a comment is made, I think a little, have a look round and come to the conclusion that there is no basis for such a remark on their part. I empty the dishwasher, I don't cook in the house for personal reasons, and I pick up after myself. All that is left is pile after pile of Mrs X's stuff that is scattered around, and the remnants of DIY projects that have restricted my occupiable space to a small computer lounge, a kitchen and my bedroom. I am the type who takes things personally and mulls over words of criticism deeply, and yet I find no fault in this area, save the fact my bedroom is hoovered infrequently (but that is my business). How do I respond graceously and yet tell them to K my A at the same time. I cannot live up to a standard of housekeeping which is not lived out in the life of the people I live with. I hate hipocrisy, and I loathe being scrutinised purely because a person is pregnant and chooses to complain purely because she has the urge. Todays weather: shades of gray, and storm clouds brewing.


Blogger e said...

have you ever asked what it is that makes them think you are messy? do you forget to put away the dishes? take out the garbage?
every time that we've had someone live with us, we've had to explicitly talk about what constitutes "dirty" in our minds. that way there's less confusion. you can just say, "would you pick up your laundry like we talked about" instead of stewing around the house.

5/24/2004 7:18 AM  
Blogger Roja said...

I understand your point on this one Erik. Perhaps we just haven't done that. Fortunately I move out in a few days, and I shall be sure to have the discussion with my new house mates. I am moving into a house with two men of great character, and I am deeply excited by the prospects that come with that. Bless you.

5/24/2004 10:31 AM  

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