went to south bend with the wife and kid (it sounds funny to say that!) and we looked at houses with our realtor. good stuff. looks like we found a winner right off the bat--the first out of the five/six houses we looked at. we took it to the home group yesterday for prayer and to really live out the community thing. i'm not sure what i expected to happen, but everyone was very supportive and no one had any reservations. so, today, god willing, we're going to put a bid down on a wicked three story house! i really wanted secret passages, but those are pretty expensive, i guess. i'll settle for a finished third floor with skylights.


Blogger z said...

congrats e & b & g! do you have a link so we could see what the outside of the place looks like?

5/17/2004 7:48 PM  
Blogger brad said...

Wow, you guys! I just saw the pics of the house and it rocks! So, when is the move in date? Anything I can potentially be a part of??

Ah, Billy! Sounds like things are falling very neatly into place!

5/18/2004 10:09 PM  
Blogger brad said...

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5/18/2004 10:09 PM  

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